Hooray for 10K!

Community Plus+ Newsletter August 2020

G’Day Community!

How are you going?

As we move swiftly into the latter part of 2020 we’ve been reflecting on all the things that have happened so far this year (July is the time to do it!). More than anything we’re proud of our community and all that we’ve achieved together during COVID-19.

What are those achievements? Supporting our community to keep connecting – in person, over the phone, online. A little check-in goes a long way! In July we hit 10K delicious meals made and shared over the COVID period! We’ve started welcoming people back to the centres in small numbers, organising events and activities for the upcoming months. And YOU have been reaching out to us often to ask how you can support community.

So thank you for being part of our community, you’re amazing!

Don’t forget, you can still access our window/door support, assisting people with information and referrals, tenant’s advice, food relief, phone and Wi-Fi access, and printing/photocopier services from both West End Community House and Yeronga Community Centre.

From all of the team,

Stay safe, stay connected.

And remember,

Community Plus+ YOU = US!

A big hooray for 10K!

Imagine a big streamer of confetti going off – that’s how we’re feeling! Time to celebrate!

Over the Queensland COVID-19 period (March 2020 and ongoing) the Food with Thought program at the Yeronga Community Kitchen produced hot and cold meals for members of West End, Yeronga and Annerley communities facing food insecurity and loneliness as a result of the pandemic. This week we reached a big milestone: 10,000 meals made and distributed to community!

Tasty offerings have included; Tuscan chicken, Thai beef curry, dahl, quiche Lorraine, mushroom ravioli, and sweet and sour pork…to name just a few! Desserts have proved the most popular though, with our community of sweet tooths coming back for more plum and apple crumble with custard, banana and caramel dumplings, raspberry and mango swirl and passionfruit pavlova!

“The neighbours say they love any of the dishes provided. One neighbour kept raving about the lasagne – he kept badgering me to ask about it!!! The other neighbour loved the desserts – apple crumble and custard.” Mike, West End Community House community member.

Read more about how Community Plus+ cooked for community during COVID here

Got a question for QSTARS?

Very much a part of the fabric of Community Plus+ … meet the QSTARS Tenants Advice Team:  Cherry (gnome hunter – in her garden only!), Caroline (avid Zumba dancer), Paty (singing, music listening nature enthusiast), Kate (80’s toys collector) and Kylee (true-crime podcast enthusiast)!

In true Community Plus+ style, it’s been a busy period for QSTARS! Between April and end of June 2020, QSTARS supported 842 members of the community with a range of tenancy concerns. From renters living in an environment with domestic violence indicators to tenants at risk of experiencing homelessness and tenants experiencing COVID-19 related matters.

Some of the questions the QSTARS team get asked include:

  • Repairs and maintenance – who’s responsible? 
  • Rent arrears and bonds – understanding QCAT applications.
  • How to end a tenancy
  • COVID-19 related matters; rent reduction, entry to a residence, how to terminate a tenancy.

Check out the answers to some of these FAQs and more on the QSTARS website.

If you are a renter living in the Brisbane local government area of Southside with a tenancy concerns you can speak to the team for free by calling 1300 744 263, from 9am to 5pm Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and from 9am to 7pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Young at heart (and in our heart)

We’ve been so pleased to welcome some of our wonderful community back to Seniors Morning Tea on a Monday at Yeronga Community Centre! We’ve been safely revisiting many of our favourite communal pastimes; playing cards, showing up the youngsters at Trivia and of course, the reason we all love to come together… a good old chinwag.

We’re especially pleased that returning to the centre and adjusting to new safety measures (like maintaining that 1.5m distance) in line with the relaxing of restrictions has given us plenty of practice ahead of Queensland Senior Week (15 to 23 August)!

To celebrate our seniors (pictured a little further from home enjoying last year’s Seniors Week event) we will be having a small morning tea at the Yeronga Community Centre on the 17th August. Due to COVID restrictions, we will be required to limit numbers so you’ll have to celebrate with us by checking out the photos from the day!

What’s on?

  • Want to get your hands on Whoopee-Doo Crew’s CD ‘All the People Cheer Me Up’? Let us know by emailing westend@communityplus.org.au and we’ll be in touch about how to order one.

  • Join us at ReThink’s EKKA popup – treat yourself (and the environment) to a ReThink Showbag, and raise funds for Prince Charles Hospital by indulging in a Strawberry Sundae! 9am to 12pm on the 8th August – outside Yeronga Community Centre.

  • Are you interested in joining the Community Plus+ committee? We’ve got a great opportunity coming up – look out for it in your emails next week!