Guiding Principles

The intent of Community Plus+ is to leave a positive legacy so that the community is better equipped to meet its needs and aspirations both now and into the future.

Our vision: “active centres for stronger communities”.

Our purpose: In communities facing change Community Plus+ facilitates social justice, community empowerment, improved human relationships and enhanced quality of life.

Our Values

  1. We act in accordance with the principles of social justice as we work with individuals, communities and institutions to address the imbalance of access, equity, rights and participation in the community. 
  2. We make a difference in our community, working effectively with the community and our partners to achieve positive and lasting change for those most in need. 
  3. We are caring, acting with warmth, kindness, sincerity, respect and dignity in all our interactions. 
  4. We are respectful of each other, and base our relationships on honesty, fairness and trust. 
  5. We empower the community, working with individuals to help them make the best choices for themselves, and with communities to contribute to the well-being of the whole community, strengthening community spirit and resilience. 
  6. We are proactive in advocating for social and legal frameworks to protect vulnerable members of the community. 
  7. We celebrate our successes, appreciate and pay tribute for the support we receive and value having fun together.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Effective governance
    Our governance processes and organisational systems help us to work better and faster and enable our organisation to grow and develop.
  • Great people and workplace
    Our staff, committee members and volunteers are passionate, creative, respectful, resilient and committed. We work collaboratively and supportively. We are inspired and inspiring.
  • Strong communities
    Community Plus+ is a place for building community, for caring and contributing. 
  • Sustainable assets
    Through our management of community assets and spaces Community Plus+ builds a sense of belonging and enhances the liveability of Brisbane’s inner south.
  • Active partnerships
    Working in partnership with other organisations and interest groups is the predominant mode of doing business for Community Plus+.
  • Great reputation
    Knowing who we are and what we do, diverse supporters back us publicly and privately to gather resources for inclusive services and places that build the spirit of community.