How It All Began

Community Plus+ arose out of a long history of community efforts on housing and tenancy, disaster relief, mental health and family support. What began as an organisation with a West End focus has now expanded to embrace Annerley, Yeronga and West End communities.

Renowned Queensland ethicist Dr Noel Preston recalls the genesis of West End Community House in the 1950’s when the West End Uniting Church Hall was first used for a range of activities to support local community members. This tradition continued informally for many years until in 1983 West End Family Care Services was established under the auspice of the West End Uniting Church.

The service gained its first government funding for a community work program in 1986.  A home was quickly found in a Uniting Church residence at 111 Vulture Street, a space shared with the local Family Day Care Program. West End Community House had arrived.

The House quickly gained prominence through its support of residents negatively impacted by World Expo 88 and in 1989, with the support of the Department of Communities, a Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service (TAAS) was established. The aim of this service was to meet the needs of local tenants, with the focus on at-risk people affected by the Expo re-development. In November of the same year, the House moved to its current premises at 4 Norfolk Road, South Brisbane, a heritage Queenslander owned by the Queensland Department of Communities.

During the next decade many well regarded local groups and activities were seeded through the House to support some of the most disadvantaged members of the local community. In May 2000 the House established the Kurilpa Kiosk in Boundary Street, West End, in the heart of our local area, to provide additional services to homeless persons through a caring and accessible information and support service.

Since 1983 West End Community House had been managed by West End Family Care Services under the auspice of the Uniting Church. In mid-2000 the community resolved that the management structure of the organisation should move to a separately incorporated body. In 2007 full management responsibilities of the service were transferred to West End Family Care Services Incorporated.

In 2011 West End Family Care Services was the auspice for Queensland Government funding to the Yeronga Flood Recovery Centre, which had been established by committed volunteers after the Brisbane floods earlier in the year.

Subsequently the Government proposed an expansion of the West End service to encompass Yeronga as well as Annerley and funded the additional services in 2012.

Since a West End name was no longer appropriate, in 2013 Community Plus+ was adopted as the trading name of the multi-centre service with each centre retaining its own local identity and presence.