Our Partners

Our presence and ability to support the well-being of our communities is funded through  Queensland Department of Communities, Tenancy Queensland and the support we receive from our many community supporters and partners.

It is notable that in community settings, every government dollar received is multiplied many times by the financial, physical, professional, technical and moral support contributed by our volunteers, our board members and our service and corporate partners and donors.

Partners are a special part of our support. Partners are relationships with people and their organisations who want to share something with us. Partnerships are connections built and maintained around an intention, on a degree of mutual give-and-take.

We have many partners. Some services are delivered through more formal partnering where we collaborate with other providers to extend our capacity to service a particular need in our communities. Each provider contributes their particular knowledge, skills, resources and community focus and this purpose-built collaboration is an effective way for community centres to play their part in the bigger picture of delivering vital services across the inner southside.  

Our Corporate Support Program

In this time of accelerating change one strategy is to seek to expand our corporate support base to ensure that Community Plus+ is able to respond to emerging needs. We are looking for partners who share our vision; those who understand the importance of serving the community; and who are willing to work with us to achieve positive benefits for our community.

Case Study: Our partnership with Jacobs

Jacobs, formerly Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), has been a partner of Community Plus+ since 2010. A leading Australian projects firm with global capability in strategic consulting, engineering and project delivery, Jacobs employs some 7,500 people from more than 40 offices. When they moved out of the city to West End they took being a good citizen in the local area to a new level.

Jacob’s high level commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has enabled them and ourselves to build a partnership agreement that spells out our shared goals and intentions and is reviewed regularly. At West End Community House, their staff gain insights into the history and social fabric of the neighbourhood and they participate in volunteering projects. For example, small teams from Jacobs have worked shoulder to shoulder with local residents to clean up after floods and disasters or to brighten up a hostel for Christmas.  Jacobs has had a great deal of input to projects designed to enhance the sustainability of West End Community House.

Examples include:

  • Staff volunteering each week at our breakfast for local boarding house residents
  • Planning and engineering support for the development application for the West End Croquet Club we lease from the Brisbane City Council
  • Professional graphic design of logos, brochures, flyers and other resources
  • A generous donation of proceeds of the raffle at their global AGM and regular top-ups with funds raised at staff events
  • Supporting a company team which entered the Brisbane to Gold Coast Bike Ride
  • In 2014, the Jacobs–Community Plus+ partnership was the winner of the top award for Corporate Philanthropy from  the Queensland Community Foundation
From time to time Community Plus+ has major calls to action for key strategic projects. 

Community Plus+ values our partners. As corporate partners you will be acknowledged for your support. We will keep you informed about and engaged in the work your support enables us to do.

We have suggested some ways that we would be able to acknowledge your contribution, however we will work with you to achieve the optimum benefit for both our organisations.

We salute the many volunteers and professionals who help manage, support and plan our activities. Without our amazing supporters, we wouldn’t be able to provide a range of services that we are proud of.