Every Contribution Brings us Closer to Community

Community Plus+ has been helping people throughout the heart of Brisbane Inner South to feel safer, connected and more in control of their lives for over 30 years. Annerley Outreach, QSTARS Tenants Advice Service, West End Community House and Yeronga Community Centre are there for everyone.

Every contribution brings us closer to community. Make an impact to your local community by supporting Community Plus+ with a one off, or recurring donation.

Each part of Community Plus+ provides and promotes active centres for strong communities. We listen, respond and evolve, with the communities we’re connected to.  We care, we respect and we empower the community. We are proactive and we aim to make a difference.

We are proud to be active partners with local communities in placemaking, working alongside partners, stakeholders, other agencies and community members to be the ears of the community, and the voice of Brisbane’s Inner South.

With your generous donation we can continue to make a difference to our communities by;

  • Creating and maintaining safe and welcoming spaces for community to connect, create and make positive change.
  • Sourcing ingredients to provide healthy nutritious meals for community members facing food insecurity.
  • Providing resources to run our beloved community activities; including Art Gang, Food with Thought and others.
  • Advocating for people in the community through support from the QSTARS Tenants Advice Team.
  • Amplifying the capacity of local groups and social enterprises to share their talents and interests with the wider community.

“We have both family members and friends who volunteer for the Community Centres in Yeronga and West End, and have become passionate supporters of Community Plus+… So much of what Community Plus+ does flies under the radar… It has been their ability to adapt during the COVID-19 shutdown and support the needs of vulnerable people which has demonstrated to us how important it is to have Community Plus+ in our communities. This connection with Community Plus+ has given us more insight to the needs of these communities which we just weren’t aware of.” 
Anna Siganto, Chair Siganto Foundation,
Supporter of Community Plus+