Hire the West End Kiosk

155 Boundary Street, West End


West End Kiosk (across the road from the Big Lizard) is a small space which is available exclusively to community groups which are approved by staff at West End Community House. There is a small space (which used to be the Murri Radio Station) with a counter and a roller door which winds up to reveal a window to the People’s Park.

Community Groups:
FREE. This venue is not available to businesses or individuals – only approved community groups. Get in touch if you’re unsure.

Hourly Usage:
Minimum hire of two (2) hours.

Must be received at least seven (7) days in advance of hire, otherwise a cancellation fee of $20 applies.

Securing Bookings:
Hire agreement forms and a copy of hirer’s Public Liability Insurance must be received within seven (7) days. Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.


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