Homemade Cakes to Fundraise for Guitars








Martin and Alana from Jacobs, a partner to Community Plus+, have generously donated two beautiful new guitars for West End Community House (WECH) musical activities.

After meeting with some of the people at WECH, Martin dropped in two new guitars which he had paid for with funds raised by selling baked goods (cooked lovingly by his wife) around the office at work.

A colleague, Alana, inspired by the initiative donated a 2nd guitar! WOW!

Thanks to all who donated their baking skills, time, money and the guitars – it will be much appreciated by all who stop by the Centre and take part in our musical programs.

Song-writing happens fortnightly on Monday mornings at WECH and community music is a key feature every Wednesday morning down at the Kurilpa Kiosk/Small Park (across from the goanna on Boundary Street, West End). There are also music groups and collaborations on Friday afternoons.