Create Welcome Week: Cultural Community Lunch – Tuesday, 19th June 2018.


Come join us to welcome our new neighbours at our cultural community lunch on Tuesday 19th June!

Do you want to learn another culture or share your own?
Here’s your chance!!!

In conjunction with World Refugee Week, we are celebrating the vibrant and emerging multicultural communities that Brisbane welcomes every year.

It’s a great opportunity to connect with people, share your experiences and enjoy a colourful meal together.

There will be…
Activities and…
lots and lots of Food prepared by our own local community such as:

Korean – Beef Stir fry and White Rice.
Indian – Butter Chicken and Vegetable Curry.
Syrian – Egg & potatoes dish and Spinach Roll.
Iranian – Persian Salad.
Australian – Pavlova and Lamington.

We look forward to seeing you there!