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About Us

Community Plus+ has been helping people throughout the heart of Brisbane Inner South to feel safer, connected and more in control of their lives for over 30 years.

Each part of Community Plus+ provides and promotes active centres for strong communities. We listen, respond and evolve, with the communities we’re connected to.  We care, we respect and we empower the community. We are proactive and we aim to make a difference.

Annerley Outreach, QSTARS Tenants Advice Service, West End Community House and Yeronga Community Centre are there for everyone.

We are proud to be active partners with local communities in placemaking, working alongside partners, stakeholders, other agencies and community members to be the ears of the community, and the voice of Brisbane’s Inner South.

With your generous donation we can continue to make a difference to our communities by;

  • Creating and maintaining safe and welcoming spaces for community to connect, create and make positive change.
  • Sourcing ingredients to provide healthy nutritious meals for community members facing food insecurity.
  • Providing resources to run our beloved community activities; including Art Gang, Food with Thought and others.
  • Advocating for people in the community through support from the QSTARS Tenants Advice Team.
  • Amplifying the capacity of local groups and social enterprises to share their talents and interests with the wider community.

Community Plus+ arose out of a long history of community efforts on housing and tenancy, disaster relief, mental health and family support. What began as an organisation with a West End focus has now expanded to embrace Annerley, Yeronga and West End communities.

Renowned Queensland ethicist Dr Noel Preston recalls the genesis of West End Community House in the 1950’s when the West End Uniting Church Hall was first used for a range of activities to support local community members. This tradition continued informally for many years until in 1983 West End Family Care Services was established under the auspice of the West End Uniting Church.

The service gained its first government funding for a community work program in 1986. A home was quickly found in a Uniting Church residence at 111 Vulture Street, a space shared with the local Family Day Care Program. West End Community House had arrived.

The House quickly gained prominence through its support of residents negatively impacted by World Expo 88 and in 1989, with the support of the Department of Communities, a Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service (TAAS) was established.

The aim of this service was to meet the needs of local tenants, with the focus on at-risk people affected by the Expo re-development. In November of the same year, the House moved to its current premises at 4 Norfolk Road, South Brisbane, a heritage Queenslander owned by the Queensland Department of Communities.

During the next decade many well regarded local groups and activities were seeded through the House to support some of the most disadvantaged members of the local community. In May 2000 the House established the Kurilpa Kiosk in Boundary Street, West End, in the heart of our local area, to provide additional services to homeless persons through a caring and accessible information and support service.

Since 1983 West End Community House had been managed by West End Family Care Services under the auspice of the Uniting Church. In mid-2000 the community resolved that the management structure of the organisation should move to a separately incorporated body. In 2007 full management responsibilities of the service were transferred to West End Family Care Services Incorporated.

In 2011 West End Family Care Services was the auspice for Queensland Government funding to the Yeronga Flood Recovery Centre, which had been established by committed volunteers after the Brisbane floods earlier in the year.

Subsequently the Government proposed an expansion of the West End service to encompass Yeronga as well as Annerley and funded the additional services in 2012.

Since a West End name was no longer appropriate, in 2013 Community Plus+ was adopted as the trading name of the multi-centre service with each centre retaining its own local identity and presence.

The intent of Community Plus+ is to leave a positive legacy so that the community is better equipped to meet its needs and aspirations both now and into the future.

Our vision

Active centres for stronger communities.

Our purpose

In communities facing change Community Plus+ facilitates social justice, community empowerment, improved human relationships and enhanced quality of life.

Our Values

  • We act in accordance with the principles of social justice as we work with individuals, communities and institutions to address the imbalance of access, equity, rights and participation in the community.
  • We make a difference in our community, working effectively with the community and our partners to achieve positive and lasting change for those most in need.
  • We are caring, acting with warmth, kindness, sincerity, respect and dignity in all our interactions.
  • We are respectful of each other, and base our relationships on honesty, fairness and trust.
  • We empower the community, working with individuals to help them make the best choices for themselves, and with communities to contribute to the well-being of the whole community, strengthening community spirit and resilience.
  • We are proactive in advocating for social and legal frameworks to protect vulnerable members of the community.
  • We celebrate our successes, appreciate and pay tribute for the support we receive and value having fun together.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Effective governance
    Our governance processes and organisational systems help us to work better and faster and enable our organisation to grow and develop.
  • Great people and workplace
    Our staff, committee members and volunteers are passionate, creative, respectful, resilient and committed. We work collaboratively and supportively. We are inspired and inspiring.
  • Strong communities
    Community Plus+ is a place for building community, for caring and contributing.
  • Sustainable assets
    Through our management of community assets and spaces Community Plus+ builds a sense of belonging and enhances the liveability of Brisbane’s inner south.
  • Active partnerships
    Working in partnership with other organisations and interest groups is the predominant mode of doing business for Community Plus+.
  • Great reputation
    Knowing who we are and what we do, diverse supporters back us publicly and privately to gather resources for inclusive services and places that build the spirit of community.

Community Plus+ Queensland is a members-based, not-for-profit organisation.

At our Annual General Meeting, our members elect the Management Committee. The Committee are the governing body of Community Plus+ Queensland Incorporated.

The Community Plus+ Queensland Incorporated Committee employs a Manager to oversee operations and support both the Community Development & QSTARS Tenancy Advice Teams.

Our presence and ability to support the well-being of our communities is funded through Queensland Department of Communities, Tenancy Queensland and the support we receive from our many community supporters and partners.

It is notable that in community settings, every government dollar received is multiplied many times by the financial, physical, professional, technical and moral support contributed by our volunteers, our board members and our service and corporate partners and donors.

Partners are a special part of our support. Partners are relationships with people and their organisations who want to share something with us. Partnerships are connections built and maintained around an intention, on a degree of mutual give-and-take.

We have many partners. Some services are delivered through more formal partnering where we collaborate with other providers to extend our capacity to service a particular need in our communities. Each provider contributes their particular knowledge, skills, resources and community focus and this purpose-built collaboration is an effective way for community centres to play their part in the bigger picture of delivering vital services across the inner southside.

Our Corporate Support Program

In this time of accelerating change one strategy is to seek to expand our corporate support base to ensure that Community Plus+ is able to respond to emerging needs. We are looking for partners who share our vision; those who understand the importance of serving the community; and who are willing to work with us to achieve positive benefits for our community.

Case Study: Our partnership with Jacobs

Jacobs, formerly Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), has been a partner of Community Plus+ since 2010. A leading Australian projects firm with global capability in strategic consulting, engineering and project delivery, Jacobs employs some 7,500 people from more than 40 offices. When they moved out of the city to West End they took being a good citizen in the local area to a new level.

Jacob’s high level commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has enabled them and ourselves to build a partnership agreement that spells out our shared goals and intentions and is reviewed regularly. At West End Community House, their staff gain insights into the history and social fabric of the neighbourhood and they participate in volunteering projects. For example, small teams from Jacobs have worked shoulder to shoulder with local residents to clean up after floods and disasters or to brighten up a hostel for Christmas.  Jacobs has had a great deal of input to projects designed to enhance the sustainability of West End Community House.

Examples include:

  • Staff volunteering each week at our breakfast for local boarding house residents
  • Planning and engineering support for the development application for the West End Croquet Club we lease from the Brisbane City Council
  • Professional graphic design of logos, brochures, flyers and other resources
  • A generous donation of proceeds of the raffle at their global AGM and regular top-ups with funds raised at staff events
  • Supporting a company team which entered the Brisbane to Gold Coast Bike Ride
  • In 2014, the Jacobs–Community Plus+ partnership was the winner of the top award for Corporate Philanthropy from  the Queensland Community Foundation

From time to time Community Plus+ has major calls to action for key strategic projects. 

Community Plus+ values our partners. As corporate partners you will be acknowledged for your support. We will keep you informed about and engaged in the work your support enables us to do.

We have suggested some ways that we would be able to acknowledge your contribution, however we will work with you to achieve the optimum benefit for both our organisations.

We salute the many volunteers and professionals who help manage, support and plan our activities. Without our amazing supporters, we wouldn’t be able to provide a range of services that we are proud of.

Our Staff

See also: Our Q Stars Team

Our Committee

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