Venue Hire

West End Croquet Club

91 Cordelia St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

A beautiful airy, well-appointed venue located in Musgrave Park, South Brisbane. Includes a huge lawn area, great for outdoor gatherings or celebrations.

Wheelchair accessible and the grounds are available for use exclusively by the hirer.

For more information or to book, please call 07 3848 2285 or email

  • 10 tables with 36 chairs available for use.
  • 60″ TV with HDMI input (Wi-Fi currently unavailable).
  • Kitchen- including sink, stove, fridge and serving area from the kitchen to the deck.
  • Automated shutters which allow you to open the concertina doors to make a more open plan space in the hall.

On Friday nights and weekends all groups will incur the Individual/Corporate rates.

Weddings & parties

  • Full day only: $1000 (inc. GST)
  • $1000 Bond (returned within 7 days after event)

Individual/Corporate rates

  • Per hour $75 (inc. GST)
  • Half day (4 consecutive hours) rates of $275* (inc. GST)
  • Full day (8 consecutive hours) rates of $500* (inc. GST)
  • Cleaning fee (if space is not cleaned by hirer) $50/hr (inc. GST)

Funded groups

  • Per hour $35 (inc. GST)
  • Half day (4 consecutive hours) rates of $130* (inc. GST)
  • Full day (8 consecutive hours) rates of $250* (inc. GST)
  • Cleaning fee (if space is not cleaned by Hirer) $50/hr (inc. GST)

Unfunded groups

  • Per hour $25 (inc. GST)
  • Half day (4 consecutive hours) rates of $90* (inc. GST)
  • Full day (8 consecutive hours) rates of $175* (inc. GST)
  • No cleaning fee but group must ensure space is left in the same condition upon exit.

Hourly rates

Minimum charge/hire of two (2) hours.


Must be received at least seven days in advance of hire otherwise, a cancellation fee of $20 applies.

Securing bookings

Hire agreement forms and a copy of hirer’s Public Liability Insurance must be received within 7 days. Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

Cancellations and Amendments

Cancellations Received in writing up to seven (7) working days prior to commencement of hire will attract a cancellation fee – $20.00. You must email to cancel your booking.

Cancellations where less than (7) working days written notice is given, will attract a cancellation fee equal to the cost of the Venue Hire.

Any Amendment to a booking will incur an amendment Fee – 20% of the Hire Rate.
Any bookings incorrectly written on the venue hire form are subject to full payment of fees

Community Plus+ has the right to cancel a Venue Hire if it deems the activity to be inappropriate, or the purpose of the Hire not to be that which has been agreed on the Venue Hire form. Any amendments will be communicated via email

Payment terms

Once off Casual Hire – Payment is required in advance for the Venue Hire.

Permanent Hire & Not for Profit – Invoices are emailed to the Hirer’s nominated email address at the beginning of each month with payment required within 14 days. If payment is not received, the permanent booking will be cancelled and rehired to the next group requiring the space at that time.

COMMUNITY PLUS+ Queensland Inc
WECC: West End Croquet Club
Hirer: The person or organisation whose name is on the booking confirmation

Inside & Deck capacity: Separate Max numbers when setup for chairs around tables

Inside & Deck: Separate Max numbers when setup for mostly standing room activities

Inside & Deck: Separate Max numbers when setup for a presentation

Grass area: Max number with seats
250. However, for numbers over 50, the Hirer must provide Portaloos.

Can marquees be placed on grassed area?
Yes, Hirers must have 10kg weights attached to each leg of all marquees.

Is there a HOW TO USE poster is in the club for correct use of any electronic items?
Yes, there are signs in the venue.

Is there a checklist for Hirers that identifies everything they need to do to make sure the venue is clean, items are put away and everything is secure prior to leaving?
Yes, there is a checklist in the venue

Are there any limits to the types of chairs/tables or equipment that is allowed on the grass area?
No, but any costly/unreasonable damage needs to be compensated for. It is advised to ask the Venue Manager first if the ground is very wet as to whether it is still suitable to have chairs and tables set up on the day of hire.

Can items be stored in the CC before or after an event?
There is currently no storage for Hirers at the CC and you may not store items outside of your agreed Hire dates and times. If you need to store items prior or after your event, you must pay the Hire fee for the time you are using the space as storage as well as for the event times.

Are there consumables stocked for use or do they provide their own?
Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Dishwashing detergent, cleaners, cloths are provided in small amounts. If you are having a function with more than 50 people, please bring your own.

Who do issues get reported to by the Hirer?
The Venue Manager, who will then pass information on to the cleaners.

Is there insurance on items stored inside the building and if so, would it cover any items left by Hirers?
Our Public Liability Insurance only covers COMMUNITY PLUS+ items. The Hirer’s Public Liability Insurance will cover any items brought by the Hirer.

How many bins are available?
There is one regular waste bin BCC bins just outside the main gate which is there for use as part of the park. The Hirer must bring their own bin liners if you are planning on filling the bin with food scraps or messy waste. For Hirer’s expecting more than 10 guests, you must be prepared to take additional rubbish with you when you leave.

Can extra Bins be provided on request?
The Hirer can contact BCC to organise additional bins for the day.

How many chairs and tables are available? Are extra available on request for a fee?
36 folding chairs and 6 trestle tables. COMMUNITY PLUS+ can advise where you can hire additional tables.

Do we have a list of external agencies that are preferred vendors we can give to Hirers for extra needs such as chairs, tables, catering equipment, PA’s, Projectors etc?
Please ask the Venue Manager and we will endeavour to help you locate these services.

Are there gloves available for safe food handling and cleaning or does the Hirer need to provide these?
The Hirer is responsible for gloves.

If there is damage to the property which poses a safety hazard who do they report it to?
The Venue Manager.

If the Hirer causes damage the facility who do they report to?
The Venue Manager.

If an emergency occurs on site during a hire period who do they contact?
During the hours of 9-4, Monday to Friday, you can contact The Venue Manager.
If it is a medical, fire or police emergency they would call 000.
If it is to do with securing the building or access you should call The Venue Manager.

Are there limits to what can be cooked/prepared on premises?
No, but proper equipment use and cleanliness maintained at all times and cooking facilities operated by people who are over 18 or supervised by an adult.

What items are available in the Croquet club for use by Hirers?
Fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, cleaning items (broom, cloths and cleaning products), cups, cutlery and a variety of other kitchen items.

Is there a procedure/equipment to remove needles, sharps etc?
A rake will be provided as well as a sharps bin and collection kit.
NOTE: Playgroups or any groups with children are required to rake and sweep any areas children will be using to remove any broken glass/needles

Who contacts the cleaner if extra work is required after a booking?
The Venue Manager

Is there be a bond payment to secure bookings (in case of extra cleaning costs and damage)?
Yes for large, private functions there is a $1000 deposit refunded after the venue is checked by the cleaner for damage or excessive cleaning needs. We will also ask for the ‘Parties’ rate for any events deemed to be ‘high risk’ by COMMUNITY PLUS+ and the Venue Manager.

What are the alcohol use restrictions inside and outside the building?
All bookings end at 10pm. Alcohol consumption ends at 9:30am. There can be no sale of individual alcoholic drinks at the venue or we are in breach of our lease agreement with Brisbane City Council and the Hirer can be fined a maximum of $58,900 for a first offence, with increased fines of up to $117,800 or 18 months imprisonment for subsequent offences. You can provide alcohol free of charge or include drinks in the overall ticket price for your event.

Can items be stored at the premises the day before the booking for larger events?
Yes, but you must book for the entire time that your items are stored in the premises along with the time for the event or function. e.g. If you are hiring the venue on Saturday and need to store your items there from Friday night, you must also book for the Friday evening.

Who can the Hirer call if there are issues on the day, such as police arriving for noise complaints?
Noise complaints are the responsibility of the Hirers and they must adhere to the requests of the police and Brisbane City Council.

Can open flame devices be used on site for cooking? BBQ’s etc.
A BBQ will soon be made available for Hirers. You must bring your own gas bottle and leave the BBQ in the locked area under the stairs after cleaning thoroughly. No candles or open flames are to be use inside the venue, on the balcony or in the rotunda.

Is live performance music allowed?
Yes as long as they are either acoustic or lightly amplified and must comply with COMMUNITY PLUS+ Terms and Conditions.

What external lighting is provided? Does it light the whole back area or do Hirers need to provide extra?
No external lighting is provided except for security lighting and for the back decking. This would be the responsibility of the Hirer to provide. There is lighting inside the venue.

Are Hirers allowed to fix decorations/equipment to walls, posts, roof edging, gazebo etc?
Yes, no permanent fixtures and all decorations must be removed at the end of the Hirer’s booking period. If any damage is done to the building from fixing decorations to the venue, the Hirer will be charged for fixing these problems.

Are Hirers getting a community rate allowed to charge people for attending the event/activity they booked?
If your Community Group is charging people for entry to the event/activity, you must pay the Individual/Business rate.

Is it possible for a group to apply for reduced or donated hire if they cannot afford the current rates? No. The rates are set for the time in being.

Are there electric points at the Gazebo?

What kind of electricity points are available inside and outside? Is there 3 Phase or just standard points?
All power outlets are currently standard.

Are Hirers allowed to have 3 party vendors attend? I.e. coffee and food vans?
Yes but the Hirer must be paying the Individual/Business rate. If the ground is wet, you must check with the Venue Manager to ensure that the grounds are not damaged by the vehicle or trailer.


  • Refundable Keys Deposit -$30
  • Replacement Fee if Keys are lost – $150

Your Credit Card details will be retained if keys are not returned within seven (7) days and you will be charged $500 for the purposes of having the West End Croquet Club locks replaced and new keys cut.

Keys are to be collected from West End Community House, 4 Norfolk Rd South Brisbane, no sooner than 24 hours prior to the booked time. For weekend bookings, keys must be collected no later than midday on the Friday immediately prior as the house closes at 1pm.

Parking / Vehicle Access

Community Plus+ is under no obligation to provide parking.

If the Hirer requires special provisions for persons with a disability, Community Plus+ staff must be notified. We have one disability access carpark and a full wheelchair accessible ramp up into the venue.

There is additional parking onsite and can be accessed through the boom gate entry point on Cordelia Street.


Unless by prior arrangement with Community Plus+, deliveries and pick-ups must be part of the hire period.

Unexpected deliveries will be refused and any items left in the venue before or after the agreed hire period will be removed permanently and not returned or stored.  Community Plus+ employees will not dispatch goods from the venues and will not sign for the delivery of goods.

Using the Venue

The hirer will have use of the entire facility and equipment including onsite disability access car park, building, kitchen, deck and lawns inside the fenced outdoor space.

The equipment includes 30 chairs, 6 folding blow-mould tables, refrigerator, oven, cutlery and basic crockery. Kitchen knives are available for use but are stored in a separate locked box and may only be used by a responsible adult.

Toilet paper, hand wash and hand towel will be stocked by Community Plus+. (Extra supplies are stored under the sink in the bathroom.)

Community Plus does not supply tea, coffee, milk or sugar.

Leaving the Venue

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure all rubbish is collected and placed in the wheelie bins located in the parking area. Any additional rubbish must be taken off the property by the Hirer.

Bin liners must be changed and can be found under the kitchen sink.

All lights, fans and all electrical items (not refrigerator) must be switched off and all doors and windows locked.
All chairs and tables are to be stacked against the wall.

Crockery and cutlery is to be washed, dried and replaced in cupboards and benches are to be wiped clean.

Evening hire must be vacated by 10:00pm which forms our agreement with Brisbane City Council and upon vacating the venue, groups must keep noise to a minimum.

When hiring any Venue, the Hirer is responsible to ensure:

  • An adult must supervise children at all times.
  • All in attendance behave in an orderly manner
  • All equipment belonging to Community Plus+ is to be left in good condition at the Venue
  • Your event does not impact on the local community or surrounds ( i.e.) loud noise, large crowds
  • You must have any electrical equipment that you bring to the hall tagged by an approved electrician every 12 months.
  • All doors and windows must be locked on vacation of the Venue
  • All lights, fans and all electrical items (excluding fridge)  must be turned off.
  • All crockery used must be washed and any other equipment must be returned to the place it was found at the start of the hiring period.
  • Loud speakers, televisions &/ .or music must be used in accordance with both State and Local government noise regulations.
  • The Hirer must keep a record of persons attending and will be responsible to ensure their evacuation in the case of fire or if the Venue must be evacuated for any other reason.
  • Any additional furniture or equipment brought to a Venue must first be approved by Community Plus+

Prohibited Actions

  • The Hirer must not drive tacks, nails or screws etc. into Community Plus+ woodwork or all or any part of the building, furniture or fixtures.  Access must be granted to all areas of the venue at all times including any and all cupboards, storerooms or other spaces.
  • No smoking is permitted in the building or within 4 metres of the building entrance.
  • The venue must not be used for any purposes other than as stated on this form or the Booking Sheet. Failure to give correct information will result in immediate cancellation of the venue hire
  • The premises must not be used for any annoying, offensive or illegal conduct or activity or purpose.
  • Under no circumstances are firearms or other weapons to be brought onto the property.
  • The Hirer must not permit any flame (including candles), explosive or fuel to be brought into the Venue.
  • The Hirer must not use the hall for any activity that will cause impact on the local community
  • The Hirer must not use the Venue for any purposes that may injure the reputation of Community Plus+.
  • The Hirer must not use the Venue in any way that would increase or invalidate any insurance policy taken out by Community Plus+ or increase the premiums payable by Community Plus+.
  • The Hirer must not in any advertising imply that Community Plus+ is associated with any event other than providing the facility.
  • The Venue must not be used by a third party without the prior written permission of Community Plus+.
  • Any use of the Venue must not interfere with any other use of the property by Community Plus+ or any other person.
  • The Hirer must not interfere with any of the electrical or mechanical equipment on the Venue.
  • The Hirer is not to bring on to the premises or allow others to bring on the premises any illegal goods or substances or any dangerous goods or substances.
  • The Hirer will not use the Venue for any purpose other than that agreed to and written on the Venue Hire Form.

Venue Hire: Book now

Hourly rates: Minimum charge/hire of two (2) hours.

Cancellations: Must be received at least seven days in advance of hire otherwise, a cancellation fee of $20 applies.

Securing bookings: Hire agreement forms and a copy of hirer’s Public Liability Insurance must be received within 7 days. Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

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