Understanding your tenancy rights



QSTARS can assist you with:

  • Advice and assistance to understand your tenancy rights and responsibilities
  • Support to resolve your tenancy issue
  • Advocacy and support to talk to your lessor or agent
  • Help to write a letter or fill in tenancy forms
  • Help to attend or prepare for a QCAT tenancy tribunal hearing
  • Referral to other services if needed

The QSTARS program is managed by Tenants Queensland (TQ) and delivered in collaboration with partner organisations across Queensland.

If you have questions or require assistance with a tenancy matter, please call the QSTARS advice line. If you require ongoing assistance you will be contacted by a tenant advocate for additional support.

If you are a community support worker, you can refer clients to the QSTARS phone advice service on 1300 744 263.

If you have permission from your client, you can refer your client to QSTARS for advice and assistance.

To refer a client to QSTARS for advice you can email TQ at or call the TQ office on 3832 9447 to arrange a referral.

Residential tenants, rooming residents, boarders and prospective renters who are:

  • having a tenancy dispute with your lessor, agent or provider.
  • renting in private rental (from an agent or private lessor), in social housing (in public or community housing) or renting in a caravan park or boarding house.
  • Lessors, agents or organisations that provide housing.
  • Head-tenants in dispute with people they rent to. If a head tenant rents rooms to other tenants the head-tenant is acting as a lessor.
  • Tenants in dispute with each other.
  • Tenants experiencing neighbourhood issues, as these are not covered by tenancy law.

The Q Stars Team

Contact QSTARS

QSTARS Advice Line: 1300 744 263

QSTARS Website

Hours of operation – 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday

Evening advice – 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Tuesday and Wednesday

If you are calling from outside Queensland, or cannot call a 1300 number, you can call the local Brisbane QSTARS number: (07) 3832 9403.

If you are calling on a mobile and cost is an issue, ask the advice worker to call you back.

We can arrange an interpreter if requested, alternately you can call the Translating Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. They can assist you to contact our service.


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