Our Committee

Community Plus+ Queensland is governed by a skills-based committee drawn from local communities. With diverse skills and experiences, this dedicated group steer our strategic direction and greatly contribute to the work and mission of Community Plus+.


Pauline Peel
Pauline joined our committee in 2014 and took up the role of Chair in 2015. Pauline brings more than 25 years experience in senior roles in the private, public and community sectors. Her roles have covered social and cultural development and in more recent times Indigenous Affairs, and she remains passionate about these areas as critical to the fabric of people’s lives.

Bob Spiers 
Bob has a farming and environmental background and lives in Highgate Hill. He retired from the Queensland Public Service in 2012 after 18 years as a Senior Executive in the environment and natural resource management areas of professional work. 
Bob now teaches at the University of Queensland and provides specialist assistance to the Regional NRM Groups engaged in climate change risk and vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning. Bob joined the Management Committee of Community Plus+ in 2012 and has a special interest in strategy and sustainability. He has Degrees in Urban and Regional Planning and Applied Science and was awarded a Public Service Medal in 1995.

Carmel Tower
Carmel is a Financial and Office Administrator working in a disability organisation in North Brisbane. Other positions she has held are Chair of a disability organisation,  Treasurer of a National Disability Board, and involved in a local community organisation as Treasurer. 
Carmel has spent many years working in the community sector with people who are marginalised and experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has a Diploma in Business and Administration’ majoring in financial administration. Her hobbies are walking, running, tennis, bike riding and movies.

Susan Allan

Susan’s greatest joy is to see other lives lifted and her best tool for this is developmental practice – working with others on areas of mutual importance. Susan joined the CP+ MC in 2016 following involvement with Community Plus’ Annerley work. Trained as a Social Worker, Susan Allan has worked for over 25 years in a variety of direct practice and management roles in four countries, across four regions of the world. The constant – a community development approach and seeking impact that will lift the lives of the most vulnerable. In 2016 Susan founded a community development agency, LIFT Enterprises, as a vehicle to continue this work. Susan lives locally in Moorooka on Brisbane’s inner south-side.

Marilyn Trad
Marilyn has been a member of Community Plus+ for 3 years and a Management Committee member for 2 years. She has lived and worked in the West End area for most of her life. Marilyn has been a member of a number of community groups and committees – most notably as president of the West End State School P&C and Fiesta organising committee. As well as the Community Plus+ Management Committee, Marilyn currently sits on the Mater Human Research Ethics Committee. 
Marilyn loves a community event especially while helping to fundraise simultaneously. She is passionate about equality for all, a clean start at any stage of life but in particular good education opportunities for children of all ages.

Susanne Cooper
Susanne has lived in Yeronga for 20 years with her family, and has been active in several community groups. She has been involved with Community Plus+ for the past five years, principally through the strategic partnership with Jacobs (formerly SKM), a global engineering and major projects consulting company located in South Brisbane. Susanne has led the development of this very successful and effective partnership since 2009. Susanne is a Principal Sustainability and  Innovation Strategist at Jacobs. Her nearly 30 years in consulting has spanned natural resource management and sustainability, where she has worked across diverse industry sectors and internationally. She is passionate about the environment, good urban design, fairness, and equal opportunities for all. Susanne can often be seen walking or cycling around the local area.

Bec Langdon
With enthusiasm to achieve great outcomes, Bec searches for mutually beneficial solutions by not taking ‘No’ for an answer. Bec displays high energy in every engagement whether its personal, professional or charitable. Within 12 months of working for Datacom, Bec had built a $2 million business through her network. Her commitment to community is demonstrated by active involvement as a Pyjama Angel, Boarders Breakfast volunteer, ABCN Mentor to students and Habitat for Humanity building homes (India 2010 and Vietnam 2011). With a keen interest in investment, Bec is working towards building a diversified portfolio which demonstrates her ability to make decisions and build growth. With solid business acumen across many verticals, ICT expertise and a vast network, Bec brings the proven commitment of success and support to any organisation.

Norbert Vogel
Norbert brings a strong management capability, having had extensive experience in executive leadership roles in two of Australia’s largest companies (BHP and Telstra) in diverse fields including organisational development, scientific research, marketing, strategic planning and production management. Norbert has been Director of the Australian Knowledge Management Group, a consulting organisation specialising in organisational performance assessment and measurement. Through this work, Norbert has gained specific expertise in consulting to government, university, vocational education and training and natural resource management sectors. Norbert has been the principal consultant for the development of organisational evaluation processes within these sectors in recent years. Through his networks, Norbert is recognised internationally as a leading figure in developing the Australian Business Excellence Framework and in establishing the Australian Business Excellence Awards.