Community Plus+ Cook-A-Long

They say food is the great connector. We agree, there’s nothing that brings people together quite like food! Inspired by the tasty creations coming out of the Yeronga Community Kitchen, comes the Community Plus+ Cook-A-Long!


  1. A Community Plus+ Cook-A-Long Recipe pack – these are available to pick up from Yeronga Community Centre and will include the recipe, and most or all the ingredients required to create the recipe.
  2. $5 donation for the cost of the ingredients – all funds raised will go directly back into our ‘Food with Thought’ program to provide delicious hot and cold meals for vulnerable people in the community, and to purchase food items for our community pantries in West End and Yeronga.
  3. 1 teaspoon of salt and sugar – come oooon you know it tastes better!
  4. 1 phone camera – to take a picture and/or video of your CP+ Cook-A-Long and share it back with us on Facebook or Instagram.
  5. 1 or more tummies – to fill with yummy food.


  1. Follow our Facebook and/or Instagram to see what we’re cooking together each week.
  2. Pick up your $5 recipe pack from Yeronga Community Centre [Please link to google maps].
  3. We’ll let you know if you need to get any additional ingredients on the Social Media posts.
  4. Document your process – we want you to have fun! Unleash your inner masterchef!
  5. Send us your best snaps/vids and let us know how tasty your version was.
  6. Repeat the following week!

Can’t come in and pick up a recipe pack but still want to join in? No worries! You can find all the recipes right here on this page.

You can also support our ‘Food with Thought’ program and community pantries directly by making a donation through our Give Now page!