We have a limited budget but a big heart and mission. Community Plus+ receives a financial contribution from the Queensland Government to support our programs and activities. However this does not cover our operating costs. We rely on support from local businesses and community members who donate time, resources, skills and funds to sustain our work.

Support our work through a donation to Community Plus+.

Why support us?

  • We are local and on the ground in our communities – we know our communities and we know where the needs and the resources are in our areas.
  • We are a soft point of entry for people seeking to access a range of information and services; we have an extensive referral system and form a vital link in the services pathway for a range of social issues.
  • We know about community engagement and how to bring needs, resources, people together.
  • We know about building and management community resources and assets such as venues and facilities.
  • We know about corporate-community partnerships and how best to build and maintain them.
  • We are part of a strong network of community centres on Brisbane’s southside who work together to deliver the local component of major community programs.

We need your support to keep our communities strong and connected.

Your rewards

  • Local recognition of your support
  • Invitations to special events
  • Opportunities to give back to the community
  • Tax deductions

You don't need an excuse