Thank you to our Volunteers








December, 2015

As part of Volunteer Week, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to have a shared lunch with those who help us out by giving freely and generously of their time in our three centres. We had around 20 Volunteers who travelled over to Annerley Community Hub from West End Community House and Yeronga Community Centre along with staff who shared in a BBQ lunch with Halal sausages from the local butcher, Annerley Meats and some beautiful haloumi, salads, breads and other Christmas treats.

This was the first time all staff and volunteers across Community Plus+ had come together in one space and it was so lovely to see connections being made and friendships forged.

After the food, we had some really enriching training from Dave Andrews who facilitated De-escalation Training for everyone. This was a really great fit for our organisation’s ethos and made us feel better prepared to keep all our interactions calm and enjoyable for all involved.

Special thanks to all our volunteers – we are so thankful to have you to engage with the local community, help with all the tasks we have in each centre and be a friendly and kind bunch to work with. You make the whole organisation stronger and we are lucky to have such an amazing bunch to work alongside.